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The last few months have been horrendous for many of us, overshadowed by fear and uncertainty. Few of us have been spared feeling shocked at the devastation caused by mother nature and none more so than those within the epicentres of these catastrophic quakes. Our hearts and thoughts have since been centred where needed and we have been humbled at the level of support that has been extended. The SAFE office and its team were also badly affected but nothing that time or repair won’t fix. Animal Aid has continued to provide immediate relief and support to those in need and continues to reunite lost animals with loved ones. One thing that is certain is amongst all this mayhem and carnage, is unity. People have embraced their community and it is reassuring to be reminded that at times of need and despair, people open their hearts to complete strangers. Keep sharing the love, we say!
STALLS, FUN RUNS, card signings, vege BBQs and displays are taking place around the country to support the NoCages campaign.
SPECIAL GIVEAWAY! Oceans is DisneyNature’s amazing underwater adventure that takes an unprecedented look beneath the sea. SAFE has five double passes to giveaway. Email to enter.
AUDITOR WANTED SAFE is seeking an Auckland-based auditor to audit our year-end accounts either as a pro bono or for a minimum fee. Please email for details.
CONGRATULATIONS to Jenna Denny for winning the awesome Kimi Ora Spa Resort ‘sponsor a collector’ prize. Jenna successfully raised $120 for being sponsored by her friends. A special mention also goes to Suzi Wallis and Maree Gordon. Thanks everyone!
inspiring animal profiles
“You dirty rat!” Skulking around sewers and rubbish bins does little for one’s reputation. Rats are seen as aggressive and dirty animals by some but they’re actually the opposite! Find out more.
delicious meat-free recipes
Hearty broccoli soup
Vietnamese-style warm salad
Pancakes or crepes
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SAFE education officer Nichola Kriek is lucky to be alive after the quake. She shares that terrifying day that haunts us all.
SAFE volunteers were part of a large team that supported two activists who locked themselves onto two grain silos on a battery farm in South Auckland last month.
Due to the disruptions caused by the devastating Christchurch earthquake, the deadline for public submissions to ban battery hen cages has been extended to 29 April. SAFE steps up its NoCages campaign.
SAFE has been offered an exciting fundraising opportunity. Can you be one of the 50-100 movie extras willing to volunteer in Auckland for a day? The company will donate up to $120 a day to SAFE for every movie extra we organise.
cruelty free giveaways
A special gift for our friends in Christchurch. We have bottles of rescue remedy for animals, kindly donated by well & truly and Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy. Effective for shock, stress, vet visits and for animals that may be experiencing anxiety. Email us with your name and address, and the type of animal you have that needs a little extra TLC. We have a limited supply so they will be given out to those most in need. ENTER NOW!
Congratulations to Dennis Pashley and John Wooley who each win a Herb Farm pamper pack.
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There’s nothing more satisfying than pancakes for breakfast and now they’re easy peasy to make - just add water and shake! No more finding you’re missing an ingredient halfway through mixing. This buckwheat-based product is also peanut-, nut-, soy- and yeast-free, so covers just about everyone’s dietary requirements. Buckwheat is a protein and known to give a sustained energy boost. Give them a go! In store now.
25 MARCH 2011 #3
take action
Encourage all those you know on Facebook and Twitter to have their say for battery hens by inviting them to sign the NoCages website. Order more submission postcards by emailing to get your work colleagues, family members and friends to ask Prime Minister John Key to ban cages.
wild and watchable
A powerful clip to inspire you to help the animals of Japan.
Capturing slow motion cuteness of Alex the chipmunk.
SAFE responded to the Christchurch earthquake in many ways, including launching Animal Aid.
staff picks and gems
Could the tide be turning at the Auckland council about importing a herd of elephants?
A unique visual perspective about the relationship between animals and humans.
Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe.