Farrowing crates: time to make them illegal

End this cruelty.

Like humans, pigs have strong maternal instincts. Sows lie with their babies in straw nests, and even ‘sing’ to their piglets as they are suckling. 

In comparison, the life of a sow in a farrowing crate is deeply traumatic. Deprived of her freedom and the ability to express her natural instincts, the ‘song’ she would ‘sing’ to her piglets is replaced by deafening screams, as she is trapped in semi-darkness and unable to escape her misery.

When just four weeks old, her piglets are taken away. Never again will she see her babies – she is re-impregnated and the cycle begins again.

This will continue until, after only a third of her natural lifespan, she is considered used-up and sent off to slaughter.

In 2010 after massive exposes by SAFE sow stalls, where female pigs were kept whilst pregnant for weeks on end, were made illegal. The ban came into force December 2015. The government updated the Animal Welfare Act in 2015 in a way that should have guaranteed that farrowing crates were banned as well. Instead, they have chosen to allow their continued use indefinitely.


Now farrowing crates must go too.  Please help us take action.