Help ducks: a ban on ALL lead shot!

No more lead.

Every year during duck shooting season our peaceful, beautiful wetlands are disturbed by the sounds of gunfire and death.

Duck shooting is indiscriminate slaughter with shooters killing and injuring countless birds each year in New Zealand, including native wildlife.

It can cause severe suffering for those birds not killed outright.

We want duck shooting stopped for good, but until that happens we are calling for the Government to protect our birds and ban ALL use of lead shot. It is the least they can do.

Lead shot can poison birds, including native wildfowl, who mistake the pellets for grit.

Poisoning by lead shot can be a slow, painful way to die, leaving birds with an increased susceptibility to disease and infection and muscle weakness, and leading to blindness, heart attacks or muscle paralysis.

The use of lead shot is banned for some guns, but a loophole means lead shot continues to be used in lighter guns. The Department of Conservation has stated that a loophole may be okay because it makes duck shooting more affordable. Price should not come before animal suffering.


  • Ask the¬†Minister of Conservation, Hon Eugenie Sage MP, to stop shooters poisoning wildlife and waterways by placing a ban on ALL lead shot.