Tell Bill English to Ban Rodeo!


A committee in Parliament has decided not to ban rodeo following a petition with 62,000 signatures. Contact Prime Minister Bill English to let him know that this is not good enough!

Following the outrage last year when the cruelty in rodeos was exposed in the media New Zealanders spoke out in their thousands, and polling showed a majority supports rodeos ending.

New Zealand aspires to be a world leader in animal welfare, but currently is falling short. In rodeos horses, bulls, steers and baby calves are scared, stressed and risk injury and death. All this in the name of 'entertainment'.

The NZ Animal Welfare Act calls for animals to be handled in a way that minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress. Rodeo, by its very nature, contravenes the spirit of the law and shames us as a nation.

The time when it was ok to hurt animals for fun is OVER. SAFE will continue this campaign until rodeos are a thing of the past.

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Stand up for animals by sending an email to Prime Minister Bill English urging him to support a ban on rodeo.