Jumps Racing

"There is a common misconception that the horse is a natural jumper.
The reality is very different."

Horse Structure and Movement, R Smythe and P Gray.

Attending a horse racing event like jumps racing, may seem a fun activity to have a drink with friends, bet and enjoy the excitement of watching horses run. But behind the glamorous image, horses suffer.

The horse racing industry is no different to any other animal business as it values animals on the basis of their profitability.

Jumps racing is a ‘sport' that is cruel and dangerous. Although off the track trainers say the horses are treated like kings it’s a different story when it comes to gambling on their lives – or discarding them when they’re no longer making money.

Injury and Death

Death Watch



  • Sign the pledge against jumps racing cruelty.
  • Send a message to the Minister for Racing, telling him what you think of horses dying for sport and ask him to ban jumps racing.