Tell the Government: ban ALL live export!

An increase in the number of sheep and cattle exported alive to overseas destinations may be a sign of worse to come.

In 2015, a shipment of 50,000 sheep was sent to Mexico supposedly for breeding purposes. In the same year, the government flew 900 pregnant ewes to Saudi Arabia as a gift; approximately 75% of the lambs born there promptly died.

Now, it has been revealed that the New Zealand Government plans to increase live exports, and consequently the suffering, even more.

Cattle Export to Indonesia

It was announced in July, that the Government is planning on exporting cattle under the guise of a breeding programme. In reality, these cattle and their offspring will eventually be killed in Indonesia under conditions that would be deemed cruel and illegal in New Zealand. Investigations by Animals Australia have documented the suffering caused by Indonesian slaughter practises.

Exporting animals for slaughter has been illegal in New Zealand since 2003. Yet animals sent for breeding will face the same fate in the long run. 

Sheep Export to Saudi Arabia

It has also been revealed that the Government intends to allow tens of thousands of pregnant sheep to be exported to Saudi Arabia for breeding, by-passing the export ban in order to secure a free trade deal. Pregnant ewes will be exported as ‘breeding’ animals, but can be slaughtered after giving birth. Lambs born in Saudi will also be killed for the local market.

The export for slaughter was banned because of the high levels of suffering. The animals suffer horrific conditions on board large livestock carriers for weeks on end. Some simply fail to eat and starve to death. The fate for those that survive the stressful voyage is to be dragged away and have their throats cut while fully conscious. Animals exported for ‘breeding’ suffer the same horrific on-board conditions, which pose even more of a danger for pregnant animals, and will eventually be killed in the same cruel manner.

ALL live exports of sheep and cattle, whether for breeding or slaughter should be banned. You can learn more about live export here.