Tell our Prime Minister to End Rodeo Cruelty

The suffering of animals is inherent in rodeo. Horses, bulls, steers and calves are scared, stressed and risk injury and death, as they are ridden, roped and wrestled aggressively as part of the 'entertainment'. Learn more.

The use of baby animals is of particular concern. In calf roping, the young animal is forced to burst out of a chute to run at top speed chased by a rider on horseback. The calf is dragged to a halt with a choking rope around the neck, thrown to the ground and has three legs tied together, all as quickly as possible.

These young animals are also ridden by children and are forced to buck with the use of a tight 'flank strap'. Calf riding not only subjects these baby animals to stress, especially those whose front legs collapse under the child's weight, but also puts young people in a dangerous situation. 

The NZ Animal Welfare Act calls for animals to be handled in a way that minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress. Rodeo, by its very nature, contravenes the spirit of the law and shames us as a nation.

Following repeated outrage when the cruelty in rodeo is exposed in the media, people have spoken out in their thousands, including on a petition with 62,000 signatures, while polling shows the majority support an end to rodeo. However, a parliamentary committee decided to ignore the suffering inflicted on animals. This is unacceptable and SAFE will continue this campaign until rodeos are a thing of the past.

As the new rodeo season is about to start, animals will be terrified and abused purely for the entertainment of a minority. 

Take Action Now 

Stand up for animals by sending an email to our Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern as well as animal welfare committee, NAWAC, urging them to end rodeo cruelty.