Introducing: colony cages





We all know cage eggs are cruel, but you'll never hear the cage egg industry admit it.

They want you to think cages are gone.

Conventional battery cages are being phased out in New Zealand by 2022 but in their place the egg industry is introducing  the new ‘colony’ system.

The problem? It’s all spin, a lie, a con job.

It’s just another cage system, with each bird still living in a space barely larger than an A4 sheet of paper! Ridiculous, right?

But they don’t want people to realise, refusing to even label it with the word ‘cage’. The fact is, the egg industry is trying to fool you, and supermarkets like Countdown, are playing into it by selling these eggs.

With eight out of 10 New Zealanders opposing the cruelty of battery cages, we all know why. Ethical concerns are playing an increasingly important role in purchasing decisions. Cage egg producers have responded to this by adding an abundance of confusing claims on egg cartons.

There’s something not quite right in the egg aisle, and we need your help to show caring Kiwis the truth!


Check out the truth about colony cages in our new video. Watch the infomercial with Suzanne Paul showing the new features of these ‘luxury condominiums’, featuring:

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Added space to roam!
Each hen has the luxury of the space of just over an A4 piece of paper for her whole life – up from just under the space of an A4 piece of paper – roomy!

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A nest box to share with up to 60 other hens!
A single ‘private’ area behind plastic flaps with no nesting material on the wire floor – comfy!

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Metallic perches!
If she’s lucky enough not to be not pushed off and crushed underneath the perch, her sore feet may just get a moment of relief from a life on wire.

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A rubber mat to scratch and bathe on! 
Hens love dust bathing. In the new colony cages they get the luxury of – no dust! But life in a cage means she’ll never know any better, right?


Watch Out!

Supermarkets, like Countdown, are selling cruel colony eggs so keep an eye open for ‘colony’ on the packaging, and then you can walk on by. Together, we’re changing life for the better for hens. The cage egg industry knows its days are numbered. But we can’t ease off the pressure now. Make today count for hens. We’re asking Countdown to go cage free – for the sake of ALL cage hens.




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