2017 Investigation: New Zealand Pig Cruelty Exposed


To see the 360 view, rotate the camera around using the white icon in the top left corner of the screen


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SAFE and Farmwatch have released a powerful new investigation into pig farming in New Zealand, using both hidden camera footage, and a ground-breaking, New Zealand-first, look at a pig farm with virtual reality technology. The never before witnessed footage was obtained by Farmwatch at a pig factory farm in the Waikato.

The footage shows the cruelty of confining mother pigs in farrowing crates, (cages they are kept in on factory farms, once they have given birth):


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Mother pigs (sows) are shown confined, unable to turn around in crates so small they can even struggle to lie down

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Sows are shown repeatedly biting at the bars due to extreme boredom, while one is filmed desperately trying to break out of the crate

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A worker is shown aggressively jabbing a sow in the head with a pipe 


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Piglets are recorded being thrown into containers, while their distraught mothers cry out.

The 360-degree footage shown here allows you to really see for yourself the appalling conditions mother pigs are condemned to by factory farmers. Farrowing crates have to end!


The government’s animal welfare committee (NAWAC), are currently introducing new regulations on animal welfare, so this is a crucial time to be showing them the strength of public support for a ban on farrowing crates.


Pigs need our urgent action. Sign and share the petition. Together, we ensured cruel sow stalls were banned, and if enough of us take action now, the government will be forced to make changes to pig welfare regulations and outlaw farrowing crates too. 




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