About Animals & Us

"Education for a new generation of New Zealanders about animal rights."

Animals & Us is a groundbreaking education initiative provided by SAFE.

Our vision is that Animals & Us will advance knowledge and critical thinking about the relationship between human and non-human animals while fostering attitudes and values of compassion, respect and empathy.

The quality of the Animals & Us programme is guaranteed by SAFE’s ability to draw upon the knowledge of the most experienced animal advocates, and to combine this with the expertise of researchers, academics and teachers working in the area of human-animal studies.

ANIMALS & US LEAFLET Exploring empathy
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Promotional leaflet about the SAFE Animals & Us education programme.

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Endorsements of Animals in Science by Dr Jonathan Balcombe, Humane Society University USA, Dr Annie Potts, University of Canterbury and Susan Yardley, HOD Science Catholic Cathedral College.

REVIEW of Animals in Science by Dr Gail Tulloch
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