Animal abuse exposed: calls for an independent agency for animals

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Shocking footage of a farmer savagely beating cows in his dairy shed, highlights the failures of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The shocking footage, obtained by Farmwatch, shows a dairy farmer violently beating and screaming at terrified cows in his milking shed. The footage shows:

  • Cows repeatedly being hit across their legs and heads with a steel bar, and other weapons.
  • Animals running away or cowering together, terrified, trying not to look at the man hitting them.
  • A lame cow limping across the dairy-shed.

Last year, after many complaints from workers about this man, MPI visited the Northland farm. They failed to take a vet to examine the animals and reported back that all the cows were fine. The case was then closed.

MPI allowed him to keep violently beating and terrifying the cows in his care. It was up to volunteer investigators to uncover the evidence.

How many other animals are suffering abuse unnoticed on farms? How many more animals will suffer because MPI have turned a blind eye?

The system is broken. MPI is tasked with monitoring animal welfare, but this strongly conflicts with its role of promoting the animal agriculture industry. A fox can’t guard the hen house!

MPI have shown, repeatedly, they cannot be trusted to uncover animal abuse or even enforce the law. They need to be stripped of their animal welfare responsibilities.

We call on Government to set up a fully resourced, stand-alone regulatory and enforcement agency that places CCTV cameras in all dairy sheds and slaughterhouses.

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