Animals on Show: A Critical Analysis of the Entertainment Industry

Designed for the English, Social Studies and Science curricula, this multidisciplinary resource analyses and critically considers the use of animals for entertainment purposes.

The lesson plans section provides teachers with a set of lessons each written in accordance with NCEA Achievement Standards. The resources section provides teachers and students with a wide range of materials that can be used to complete the lesson plans or for general research purposes.


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As long as our society continues to keep others species confined for human entertainment, we need to understand better the effects on animals of depriving them of the company of their own kind, of crowding them in confined spaces and of removing them from the rich interactions of their natural environment.

We need to ask what animals experience when we replace the challenges and excitement of their daily lives in the wild with the stifling, human-designed routines of day after day in a cage or tank. We also need to think about what we’re doing when we take our kids to seen animals confined in enclosures, or performing on stages, and tell them that this is what an elephant is like, this is how a lion behaves, this is how we preserve and respect nature.

I'm delighted to recommend this resource is an excellent introduction to the wealth of new material that addresses these questions.