Dominic Hoey (Tourettes)

"Like most people, I assumed Chickens were pretty uninteresting and brainless creatures.

That was until my mother moved to Laingholm and purchased 7 chickens. (In truth she only purchased 3, was then given 3 and then one just turned up. But she laid huge eggs so she kept her.)

What amazed me was how much personality these creatures had.

There's Fatty who flaps around eating everything in sight, Napoleon bossing everyone around and The Darenger (my sister named these animals) who viciously attacks my mother's Labrador.

In short, these animals that supposedly have no real intelligence have so much personality that you can tell them apart from 50 meters away.

With that in mind it's horrific to stick them in cages and cut off their wings and beaks for their eggs, eggs which can be produced just as effectively in a humane manner for a few more dollars."


Dominic Hoey (Tourettes)
Rapper & poet