Iconic NZ Cookies Going Cage-Free

SAFE congratulates Kiwi snack giant, Cookie Time, for embracing the international cage-free egg trend.

After being encouraged by SAFE, the cookie company has released policy for all their brands to phase out cage eggs.

“[Cookie Time] is committed to switching to 100 per cent cage-free eggs by 2023,” the company says.

The full Cookie Time banner includes Bumper Bars and Balls, and OSM, which are currently egg-free, as are the famous Christmas Cookies. Cookie Time is also working on extending product lines which don’t contain any eggs.

“The majority of CTL (Cookie Time Ltd.) products created in the last few years do not contain eggs, and this is a major area of focus for us.”

Other New Zealand manufacturers with recent cage-free policy include Delmaine Fine Foods, George Weston Foods and Leader. Several of the world’s largest international food manufacture lines selling in NZ have also recently adopted cage-free policy including General Mills, Pepsico, Mondelez, Kellogg’s, Kraft Heinz Company, and Nestle.

“Public support for getting hens out of cages has never been stronger,” says Jennifer Dutton, SAFE’s Corporate Campaigner.

“Kiwis are letting companies know they don’t want products tainted with factory farm cruelty. Thanks to the caring public, all New Zealand supermarkets have policy to get whole cage eggs off the shelves, and now cage ingredient eggs are next on the chopping block.”

The worldwide campaign to free hens from cages is part of a global revolution by animal advocacy groups, including members of the Open Wing Alliance, of which SAFE is a partner organisation.

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11 October 2018