Singing praises in support of animals!

Musicians Jesse Cooper and Harley Rayner of ‘Mt Eden’ (formerly Mt Eden Dubstep) are two guys who really want to stand up and show they care about animals. Hailing from the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden, the two friends who started mixing tapes together at intermediate school, are now big players on the international dub scene.

The unassuming duo has been following SAFE’s campaigns for a while now and have recently teamed up to help New Zealand animals. The say:

We are huge supporters of SAFE - they do great work on educating the people of New Zealand about caring for animals.

We think the more that people know about how animals are raised for meat, the more they will be aware of what’s happening and advocate for a cruelty free lifestyle.

The more we know, the more we can make an ethical change in the right direction. It's up to us to decide the future of our animals.

Keep an eye out for more from these two warm hearted guys! Jesse for one is living the talk and has just gone Veg.

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TAKE ACTION: Join Jesse by taking the Go Veg Challenge.

12 March 2015