Glassons blasted for promoting animal cruelty

New Controversy For Clothing Store

Clothing brand Glassons have found themselves embroiled in another controversy after launching a new advert featuring a girl riding a bull. SAFE have asked them to remove the ad immediately as it glamourises animal cruelty.

The latest criticism comes after last week’s public apology from Glassons following their use of skinny mannequins with their ribs showing.

“It seems their marketing department still hasn’t got it right,” says head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “We’re really disappointed to see Glassons glamourising the abuse of animals – because that’s exactly what rodeo is.”

Rodeos are cruel, outdated spectator entertainment that subject animals to deliberate fear, stress and torment. Glassons has received hundreds of complaints on their Facebook page but so far has refused to remove the ad.

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22 October 2014