New report shows GE animal suffering

A new report gives a disturbing insight into the hidden world of genetic manipulation of New Zealand farm animals.

The report, ‘GE Animals in New Zealand’, written by Claire Bleakley from GE Free NZ, covers fifteen years of animal research and details how transgenic animals suffer chronic illness, reproductive losses, sudden unexplained deaths and severe deformity.
The report explains how attempts to turn cows into bioreactors (animals that produce specific proteins through transgenic modification) have failed and shows the huge toll this research has taken on the animals used.

Hans Kriek, Executive Director says “It is appalling that animals have been made to suffer for these useless experiments and SAFE believes an inquiry needs to be held into the approval process for this research.”

The genetic engineering of animals has been shrouded in secrecy. Documents and photos that could shed a light on these practices are routinely denied to the public. This secrecy adds to SAFE's concerns that what has happened to these animals would not stand up to public scrutiny.
The limited information available to the author of the report indicates widespread animal suffering, from calves born without bladders, liver failure, still births, limb deformities, abnormally large ovaries and a number of other health problems.
SAFE is calling on the Government to halt the genetic engineering of animals and order the release of all documentation of past research so that the true extent of animal suffering can be evaluated.


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Read the report and find out more about other animal experiments in New Zealand.

23 October 2015