New footage shows cruelty to animals at another rodeo

A new investigation filmed at the Upper Mohaka rodeo on 22 January by Farmwatch shows animals clearly in distress. The footage provides further evidence of the routine, widespread suffering of the animals used in rodeo events.

The footage shows:

  • Calves being hurled off the ground by ropes around their necks; their necks twisted as they are thrown down by rodeo performers
  • Bulls struggling to climb out of the chutes
  • A bull grabbed by his ear and the inside of his nostrils to force him back into a pen
  • Obvious signs of fear and distress in the animals filmed

The latest footage follows uproar over an investigation at Mid Northern rodeo.

Rodeos are dying in popularity, with the growing strength of public opinion firmly in favour of a ban.  Sponsors are ending their association with rodeo as they seek to distance their brands from the cruelty. This week real estate agents LJ Hooker confirmed they would end rodeo support after the head office became aware one of their branches was sponsoring the Mid Northern rodeo. They made their position clear with this statement: “LJ Hooker New Zealand Ltd does not sponsor or support rodeo nor does it condone or tolerate cruelty to animals.” Ray White, Harcourts, Firth Industries, Saddlery Warehouse, Rock Gas (part of Contact Energy) and Placemakers have also severed ties with rodeo. Meridian Energy, a listed sponsor of Upper Mohaka rodeo also told SAFE, "Meridian does not condone cruelty to animals, which includes events like rodeos that have recently been highlighted as putting animals at risk."

Carters Tyre Service is a sponsor of the Mid Northern rodeo. SAFE is asking them to withdraw their support of cruelty to animals. 

“The brutality in rodeo has again been exposed; brutality that occurs for no reason other than for rodeo performers to have some fun,” says head of campaigns Mandy Carter. “Compassionate people are spending their weekends documenting this cruelty. They know that when the public sees what really goes on, they will want rodeos to end. New Zealanders are caring people; they do not like to see animals suffer for entertainment.”

Take Action

  • Contact other rodeo sponsors asking them to end their support of animal cruelty.
  • Contact Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, urging her to support a ban on rodeo.

25 January 2017