MPI Confirms: Pig Cruelty Is 100% Legal.

The farms that shocked the nation when exposed on the Sunday Programme earlier this year will not be prosecuted.   The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has said there is “insufficient evidence” to do anything about the cruelty.

Footage of the Canterbury farm revealed a sow that was kept in a farrowing crate so tight her newborn piglets were squashed to death. Other pigs were kept in overcrowded fattening pens with dozens of rats running over them. Another farm in Kumeu was also investigated after workers were filmed physically abusing the animals, including bashing a sow to death with a hammer over a prolonged period of time.

While it may seem ridiculous that such blatant cruelty is not enough evidence, the reality is that the laws protecting animals are extremely weak.  SAFE is calling for a change to the law, to ensure that this never happens again to pigs.

But those changes can’t come fast enough, though.  These pigs need help NOW.

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Tell Nathan Guy, the Minister for Primary Industries that this simply isn’t good enough. Neglecting and abusing animals SHOULD be prosecuted. Send him an email at [email protected]

You can also send a strong message to the industry that cruelty won’t be tolerated by not buying that Christmas ham. Traditions shouldn’t involve cruelty. Make kindness your gift to the animals this Christmas.