Ban the ham! Pledge to boycott pork

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Pigs are amongst the most intelligent of animals. They love to play in open spaces – and can even learn to play video games. They develop strong relationships with their young.  Mother pigs even ‘sing’ to their piglets. Although sow stalls are now banned, the cruelty of other factory farming practices like farrowing crates continues.

Right now, pigs are suffering. In farrowing crates, mother pigs spend weeks at a time unable to turn around, and are only released when their babies are taken away from them. Pigs being fattened for slaughter are crammed into tiny pens. These are the realities of a factory farm. They deserve so much more than we give them.

Fortunately, it is possible to make a difference for pigs every single day. Please join us in sending a strong message to the pork industry that we will not tolerate their cruelty any longer. By pledging to boycott all pork, you can help. 


  • Every meal can mean less suffering in the world. Take the pledge to boycott all pork and we'll send you cruelty-free tips!


Stop the cruel treatment of pigs

"Pigs deserve compassion, not life in a factory farm.
I pledge to boycott pork, and to stop eating pigs."