Celebrate a kind Christmas


Be like Trotsky and keep animals off the menu this Christmas!

Right now, if someone wonderful hadn’t stepped in, Trotsky would be getting fatter and fatter to become Christmas dinner.

He and his brothers and sisters were bred specifically to become someone’s meal. But Trotsky is one of the fortunate ones.

As a piglet, he was rescued by Cressida and he can now live out his life the way that all pigs should – running in the grass, rooting in the soil, and forming bonds with Cressida and the other animals he lives with.

You can help other animals like Trotsky by choosing to have a kind Christmas and keeping animals off your plate!

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Plant-based Masterchef Aaron Brunet will be celebrating a kind Christmas this year, in delicious vegan style. Whether you're hosting a beautiful banquet or taking a plate to a family gathering, this menu will impress even the toughest of critics.



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