Common questions

What is SAFEshopper?

SAFEshopper is New Zealand's online guide and phone app aiming to help shoppers use their consumer power to select cosmetic and household products that have not been tested on animals!

The list not only has the latest products available in New Zealand, it is searchable by product type to make it easy to find companies that don't test on animals, helping people when shopping in their local supermarket, pharmacy, department store or online. It also has categories for vegan and New Zealand products. 

The SAFE Shopper is a comprehensive guide however it is not exhaustive. If you know of a company that does not test on animals that is not listed here please ask them to apply by sending our handy letter.

What is the criteria for companies appearing in the guide?

All companies appearing in SAFEshopper do not conduct animal testing of any cosmetic or household products or ingredients. SAFEshopper also excludes any companies that sell their products to China, which has mandatory animal testing for imported products, or don't have at least one vegan product.

SAFEshopper has been compiled from information available from international cruelty free accreditation schemes which insist companies adhere to a strict criteria on animal testing, such as from our friends at Choose Cruelty Free in Australia who ensure each company goes through a rigorous accreditation system. New Zealand companies appearing on these lists have completed a questionnaire and signed a statement that they do not test products or ingredients on animals.

Why do some companies claim to be cruelty free but do not appear in SAFE’s guide?

Finding companies that have genuine non-animal testing policies can be frustrating as some make misleading claims – for example a company may say ‘finished product not tested on animals’ which means the ingredients may well be! Or they sell to China which has mandatory animal testing.

We want to grow SAFEshopper and get more companies to stop animal testing. You can help the list to grow by asking your favourite company to apply to appear in the guide by sending our handy letter.

Are all companies listed vegan?

The companies included here manufacture products that are not tested on animals but may not be vegan- for example they may contain beeswax or lanolin. Extra emphasis is given to those companies who are wholly vegan with a ‘V’ icon. Companies that are marked with ‘SV’ offer some vegan products- please contact them directly to enquire which are vegan.

Which companies should I avoid/boycott?

Check out PETA's list of companies to avoid.

How do I get my company or product listed in SAFE’s guide?

Please send us a message with your company name and details to be sent the necessary paperwork. Listing on the website is free once you have filled out SAFE’s paperwork and have been approved.

How do I contact SAFE?

Please send us a message. We’re unable to answer queries about individual companies or where you can purchase products though sorry!

How can I spot an animal testing company?

‘No animal testing’ means no animal testing right? Unfortunately, just because a company says ‘against testing on animals’ doesn’t mean they don’t do it. Finding companies that have genuine non-animal testing policies can be frustrating as some make misleading claims in order to win your custom. Find out more about being a 'cruelty free detective' on SAFE's blog.

Is animal testing for cosmetics banned in New Zealand?

Yes. In March 2015 the Government announced a ban on cosmetics animals testing, meaning that no animal will suffer for these kinds of experiments in New Zealand laboratories. However the ban only currently covers products manufactured within NZ not those imported, so it’s important to still be aware that what you are buying is cruelty free. Find out more about the campaign.