Company information

Being part of SAFEshopper

Your company can achieve a positive profile with consumers and help save the lives of millions of animals by pledging to not test on animals.

Once your company is listed in SAFEshopper you’ll be reaching thousands of new customers and showing your current customers that this is an issue important to you!

Listing in SAFEshopper is free - both online and the phone app.

National animal advocacy organisation SAFE offers consumers a list of companies that do not test on animals and other relevant information pertaining to suitability for vegetarians and vegans. If your company would like to be included in SAFEshopper please contact us to obtain an application.

An accreditation scheme?

SAFEshopper is not an accreditation scheme and inclusion in SAFEshopper is not an endorsement, approval or recommendation of a company or any of its products by SAFE. If your company is seeking the use of an accredited logo or symbol to define your products are not tested on animals we recommend contacting Choose Cruelty Free based in Australia.

How to apply

If your company meets our criteria and does not test its products or ingredients on animals it is likely your company will be considered acceptable to be listed on SAFEshopper.

Vegan products: In order to qualify for SAFEshopper, companies must sell at least one product suitable for vegans on a permanent basis. This means the product must contain no animal ingredients including bee products.

Please contact SAFE to request a copy of SAFE's company questionnaire and associated paperwork that is required to be completed as part of the process. .

How to promote

If your company is listed on SAFEshopper you can promote this to your clients, customers and fans etc by any of the following:

• Adding a hyperlink from your website. This can be in the form of a promotional webbanner or text description.

• Including a reference in your internal or external promotional material.

• Profiling the SAFEshopper website in your newsletters, reports, product information or online store.

• Putting out a media release. This must be seen and signed off by SAFE, for logo use.

Important information

While SAFE invites your company to promote SAFEshopper this must not be phrased in a manner that would constitute, infer or suggest that SAFE endorses your product range or company.

The use of the SAFE logo is strictly forbidden unless consent from SAFE's Executive director or Board has been given for it to be used on promotional material or your website. If you would like to partner with SAFE please visit our SAFE Business Supporters scheme.