Confined and Unnatural: End Feedlots

The damage feedlots cause to animals and our environment cannot be ignored by policymakers any longer.

In New Zealand, we value our animals and we value our environment.

Shocking new footage obtained by a Farmwatch drone shows us the dirty secret the New Zealand beef industry wants to hide.

Feedlots show our country is moving towards damaging intensification and Americanisation of agriculture.

The attitudes of some of the farming industry, to maximise profits without concern for the consequences, have intensified an increasing number of farms causing greater suffering to their animals.

On a feedlot, cattle can suffer because farmers subject them to:

  • A denial of their ability to express natural behaviours, such as grazing.

  • An unnatural diet that can cause bloating, diarrhoea, and digestive discomfort.

  • Barren land with no shelter from harsh weather. This is a breach of the Animal Welfare Act.

The virulent spread of feedlots is also having devastating effects on our once pristine environment. Arable land is being turned into barren wastelands.

We need to put our love for animals and the environment ahead of the beef industry’s profits.

The Environment Minister, Hon David Parker, promised that if elected Labour would take action on issuing a National Policy Statement on freshwater that took better care of our environment.

To make this promise a reality, the Government needs to put an end to feedlots.

Send the Minister an email to remind him why an end to feedlots is the best thing for animals and our environment.

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