Help for calves: demand an independent voice for animals


Stop dairy cruelty.

The dairy industry is probably the least understood of New Zealand’s animal agriculture industries.

With the carefully constructed image of contented cows in lush pastures lodged firmly in our consciousness, many Kiwis think dairy is synonymous with good health and economic prosperity.

Dairy causes environmental damage and is linked to health problems in humans. Add to that the cruel treatment of cows and the large scale killing of their calves, and it is clear that there are many dark sides to dairy.

Following on from the explosive 2015 exposé by SAFE and Farmwatch of dairy industry practises, hidden camera footage of the 2016 calving season revealed ongoing animal welfare problems:

  • Calves are pulled out of cages and thrown in to transport trucks
  • Mother cows are recorded desperately trying to stay with their calves
  • A calf is shown being roughly dragged away by his hind leg

For the sake of milk products, the suffering of cows and their calves continues. Every year the New Zealand dairy industry treats millions of 4-day-old calves as ‘waste products’, taking them away from their mothers and sending them to the slaughterhouse. Even when no laws are broken, these calves never even have a chance at life. 


  • Only a public outcry, and personal action can bring hope for a kinder future for these animals.
  • Ask PM Jacinda Ardern to separate animal welfare from the Ministry for Primary Industries and to allocate sufficient funding to actually enforce the law.