Starbucks: stop using eggs from caged hens


In the last year, we’ve made huge progress for egg-laying hens. With your help, we secured cage-free commitments from ALL of New Zealand’s major supermarkets. Now, it’s time for Starbucks to end the misery and stop using eggs from caged hens too.

In New Zealand, Restaurant Brands operates Starbucks café outlets around the country. We’ve asked on your behalf that Restaurant Brands makes meaningful changes for hens -  but so far they’re not listening. They’re ignoring all the Kiwis who care about hens and are holding on to cage egg cruelty. Learn more.

A global campaign is now underway, with over 55 animal advocacy organisations around the world joining forces in asking Starbucks to do better and move away from cage eggs. Add your voice to the international movement; urge Starbucks to go cage-free!


Help us keep the pressure on!

After sending your email, you can take further action by sharing this page, signing the global petition and messaging Starbucks on Twitter and Facebook, politely asking them to move away from using cage eggs.



All images on this site are representative of a typical colony cage system in New Zealand and are not taken directly from farms supplying Starbucks.