Urge the NZ Government: ban ALL live export




Every day, right across the world, vulnerable animals are enduring dangerous journeys on live export ships, with live exporters putting the animals’ welfare and lives at risk. Evidence shows the systematic suffering of animals on board and once they reach destination countries.

Although the export of live animals for slaughter has been banned in New Zealand since 2003, live export for breeding has continued. These animals are ultimately killed in the country of destination, potentially by methods too cruel to be allowed in New Zealand. Many will likely suffer welfare issues on board shipments. 

The long sea voyage is a welfare issue. Live exporters admit that animals die on board live export ships each year, from heat stress, illness and injury. Many animals suffer as they struggle to adapt to the conditions and food on board.

SAFE and many New Zealanders are outraged that live export is still going on. Effectively our law is being undermined.

Rich live export companies reap the profits while animals continue to suffer. Live export is cruel and unnecessary, and a huge potential risk to New Zealand’s international reputation.

All live export of farmed animals, whether for breeding or slaughter, should be banned. 

Please email the Government now.