Endorsements: Animals In Science

'Animals in Science: Ethical Arguments and Alternatives to Animal Experiments' is a must have resource for all teachers of Science and especially for Biology teachers. 

With the implementation of the new Level 1 – 3 NCEA standards, where teachers are in dire need of relevant resources to plan new units of work, this book provides a wealth of ideas, sources of information and ready to use lesson plans. 

I am already planning on how to use it with my Senior Biology students.

Susan Yardley
Head of Science and teacher of Biology
Catholic Cathedral College

The latest in SAFE’s comprehensive Animals & Us series for high school students focuses on key ethical debates regarding the use of nonhuman animals in scientific experiments.

Animals in Science provides a vital resource for science and biology teachers who value and encourage independent scholarship and critical thinking in their students.

Incorporating highly engaging, rigorously researched articles from leading biologists and ethologists, this beautifully designed learning resource prompts students to reconsider assumptions about other species and the place of animal experimentation in science.

Animals in Science is unique in its inclusion of suggestions for non-invasive assessment projects that will motivate and inspire students to study science.

These projects clearly demonstrate the validity and merit of alternatives to dissection and animal experimentation in the classroom. They also show how much fun science can be when it focuses on observing behaviours and sharing the experiences of other beings.

I wholeheartedly recommend this exemplary resource to science teachers. I just wish it had been part of my own experience of science at school.

Dr Annie Potts
BSc, PhD
Co-Director, New Zealand Centre for Human-Animal Studies
University of Canterbury