Endorsements: Battery Hen Farming in New Zealand

Just emailing to let you know how impressed I am by the resource I received today Battery Hen Farming in New Zealand.

What an incredible resource! So much work and all linked to the curriculum.

I can see it getting a lot of use for personal research and for Level 3 language studies.

Many thanks and please pass on my congratulations to those involved.

Margaret Black
Melville High School

As a high school English teacher and SAFE member, I was absolutely delighted to receive a copy of the first "Animals and Us" resource on battery hen farming.  

The quality of the resource is outstanding and has provided us with a lot of material and information on this issue. 

One of the key themes in our junior English programme at Hamilton Boys' High School is "Amazing Animals" which is intended to foster compassionate attitudes towards our fellow Earthlings and raise student awareness of issues that affect both humans and animals, so it is great to receive such quality resources.  

Thank you very much for your efforts, and we will continue to fight the good fight in schools! 

Please keep the great material coming, we definitely appreciate it and are using it in our classrooms.

Many thanks

Wendy Moffitt
Teacher in Charge of Junior English
Hamilton Boys' High School

This beautifully produced manual presents creative and colorful ways to get students thinking critically about a pressing issue. Industrial egg production has significant implications for ethics, ecology and human health. For chickens’ sake, and our own, we can ill-afford to continue treating these birds—thinking, feeling creatures with wants and needs—as if they were so many blocks of wood. The New Zealand education system is fortunate to have this excellent resource, and I look forward to seeing subsequent issues in this series.

Jonathan Balcombe
Senior Research Scientist

Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good (Macmillan, 2006)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Washington, D.C., USA