Factory Farm Pig Cruelty Exposed


Tell Labour to take urgent action to help mother pigs.

Sow stall use defies the ban, while cruel farrowing crates remain legal.

Illegal Sow Stalls

Shocking new footage obtained by Farmwatch, has been released showing pregnant pigs confined in sow stalls on a New Zealand factory farm.

The use of these metal cages has been banned since 2015, after thousands of caring Kiwis showed their condemnation for keeping pigs in cages throughout their pregnancies, by supporting our Love Pigs campaign. 

Why has this farm been allowed to break the law for more than two years after sow stalls were banned and how many other farms are still using them?

Farrowing Crate Cruelty

Farmwatch investigators also filmed rows of farrowing crates at the same farm.

Mother pigs were trapped in these crates, no bedding to make a nest for their babies or to lessen the impact of the hard floor. The sows were so large that the metal sides of the crates dug into their sides. Many were unable to lie down without having their faces wedged under their feeding troughs, as the crates were shorter than their bodies.

This is blatant cruelty! Farrowing crates cause severe emotional deprivation and they must be outlawed, just as sow stalls have been. (And of course, we need effective monitoring and enforcement to ensure the law is complied with by farmers).