Heart for Animals

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Join Heart For Animals today and make NZ a better place for all animals with a regular gift to SAFE


You can change the lives of animals in New Zealand every time you make a regular gift to SAFE. Welcome to Heart For Animals – SAFE’s new community for our most treasured regular supporters.

Imagine a hen tentatively stretching her wings in an open space, curiously watching the world around her.
You helped change the lives of 1.5 million hens.

Imagine a mother pig, unable to turn around or create a nest for her piglets. She looks sadly through the bars as her babies are taken.
You are fighting for her, every day.

Imagine an eleven-year-old as they open their Animal Squad newsletter and learn about rabbits. They discover for the first time why it’s important to use products that are not tested on animals.
You are teaching them, every day.

You are changing the lives of animals in New Zealand every time you make a regular gift to SAFE. As a member of Heart for Animals, you will be making vital work possible. Heart For Animals is a new group for people like you, whose regular support is at the core of SAFE’s work for animals. As a member, you’ll continue to receive our quarterly Supporter Update, but with some special features just for you.

What your regular support means for animals:


Help stop factory farming
Call for a legal ban on rodeo
Continue to expose shocking cruelty in the Dairy Industry
Educate children through our Animals & Us textbook series
Educate people about a better life through plant-based eating with Eat Kind

Or call Lauren on:
04 472 9311

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