News Blog Articles Hilton Hotel Group release cage-free commitment in record-breaking time!
Hilton Hotel Group release cage-free commitment in record-breaking time!

Hilton Hotel Group release cage-free commitment in record-breaking time!

May 9th, 2019

We are a huge step closer to seeing a world where hens don’t suffer in cages. Within 24 hours of the campaign launching, Hilton Hotel Group released a public statement announcing a new policy to phase out cage eggs in all its hotels globally by 2025.

Just yesterday, over 55 international animal protection organisations gathered together in Warsaw, Poland as part of a coordinated campaign organised by the Open Wing Alliance. Hundreds of protesters rallied outside Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre, demanding the hotel company make good on the cage-free commitment it made in 2015.

The protest, together with intensive online actions from organisations around the world, made a powerful impact. Within a record-breaking 24 hours, Hilton Hotel Group committed to source 100 per cent of its eggs (shell, liquid, and egg products) globally from cage-free sources for all owned, managed and franchised hotels around the world, by the end of 2025.

While its new policy does not address Hilton’s failure to follow through with its 2015 pledge, it is still a positive commitment – one that will change the lives of thousands of hens in cages around the world.

The Open Wing Alliance and its many members will be keeping a close eye on Hilton Hotel Group to ensure it doesn’t repeat its previous failure to keep its promise.

SAFE Head of Campaigns Marianne Macdonald, who took part in the protest in Poland yesterday, says she is thrilled to see such a speedy victory.

“This global campaign should set an example to others who have made cage-free commitments – keep your promises, because animal protection organisations around the world will be there to make sure you follow through.”

“This victory will give other hotel companies the push they need to move away from cage eggs too. One such company that still needs a push is Best Western Hotels and Resorts. Following the swift victory of the Hilton Hotel campaign, we are now focusing all of our efforts on getting Best Western to follow suit and go cage-free.”

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