"Based upon my extensive experience with large animals, I have come to the conclusion that rodeo events are inherently inhumane.
It is impossible to create a humane rodeo."

Peggy Larson, former rodeo rider, vet and farmer

Did you know that rodeos are condemned both in New Zealand and internationally by vets, animal welfare agencies and even ex rodeo riders? They are banned in a number of countries where they once were held, and specific events such as calf roping and steer wrestling are outlawed in others, on cruelty grounds.

Rodeo events are brutal and often disturbing exhibitions of human domination over animals, showing rodeo to be an outdated and a cruel spectacle. Rodeos subject animals to fear, stress, risk of injury and death - all for the sake of entertainment.

Rodeo Cruelty

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Calf Roping Cruelty

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