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Leave a lasting impact for animals

September 21st, 2017

Leaving a gift to SAFE in your Will is an easy way to ensure your passion for animals lives on. Wills are not something that New Zealanders like to talk about – in  fact, half of all Kiwi adults don’t even have one. However, a Will  allows you to provide for your family afteryou die, and ensures that the people you care about are looked  after. Leaving a gift in your Will is also a great way to support the  vital work of charities that you’ve always wanted to help – or continue  to support a charity you’ve supported all your life. It’s sometimes thought that only wealthy people can leave a gift to  charity in their Will, but most gifts are from ordinary, hard-working  people just like you. The simple fact is that without the generous gifts that people leave in Wills to SAFE, our work for animals could not continue. As a not-for-pro t organisation, SAFE is 100% reliant on the  support of people like you to carry out our work. By leaving a gift to  SAFE in your Will, you can help us achieve lasting change for all  animals, and ensure that your love of animals has a lasting impact long  beyond the many years you supported SAFE during your life.

“SAFE gives voice to the voiceless. It throws light on  human-induced animal suffering caused by practices that have no place in  a civilised society. It’s campaigns have yielded results: animal  advocacy works. That is why I have left a gift to SAFE in my Will.” – Patricia Callis, SAFE Supporter

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As a charity, SAFE is reliant on the support of caring people like you to carry out our valuable work. Every dollar goes towards providing education, undertaking research and campaigning for the benefit of all animals.