Stop Jumps Racing Cruelty

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Jumps racing is cruel and dangerous. Attending horse racing may seem a fun activity to have a drink with friends, bet and enjoy the excitement of watching horses run. But behind the glamorous image, horses suffer. Jumps racing, in particular, has a high rate of death and injury because horses are pushed to jump fences at speed, surrounded by many other horses.  Jumps racing is impossible to make safe, as by its very nature, there is a constant risk to the horses.

Injuries sustained when horses fall or hurtle into the jumps or barriers can be horrific. Horses’ bodies are powerful but also delicate. Bones can shatter into tiny pieces meaning recovery is impossible. Even when injuries are less severe, owners are often reluctant to spend money when it is unlikely the horse will be able to race again. Hence injured horses are usually killed. Around the world famous jumps races like the ‘Grand National’ in the UK cause horror when horses are killed. New Zealand horses die not only on our shores, but many are sent overseas to Australia also.

Horse racing is a profit driven industry where the animals are typically seen as expendable. Those horses deemed too slow to compete are literally discarded and replaced, many of them being sent to the slaughterhouse.


  • The bets placed on jumps racing are the life-blood of the industry, but punters are literally gambling with animals’ lives. The reality is horses are dying on racetracks and the casualties will continue to mount unless action is taken.
  • Show your opposition to this dangerous industry by signing the pledge.


Pledge to help end jumps racing

"I pledge to help end the exploitation and suffering of horses in the racing industry by never attending or placing a bet on a jumps race, and will encourage my family and friends to do the same."