FARM360 VR: Plug into animals’ lives


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Welcome to FARM360, SAFE’s brand new nationwide virtual reality experience, which reveals, from the animals’ eye view, the inside story of animal suffering in factory farms.

People now have the chance to see the appalling conditions inflicted on animals in factory farms from a unique perspective via virtual reality headsets. You can plug into the animals’ reality with our free interactive installations in your area, or you can view online, using a VR headset or a smartphone at home.

The new virtual reality footage, obtained by Farmwatch with a voice-over by actor Emmett Skilton, shows from various perspectives:

  • Chickens bred for meat packed into sheds. These birds are selectively bred to grow so fast that they can suffer painful legs and hips. Others suffer from disease and thousands die daily even before reaching their slaughter age of four to six weeks.
  • Layer hens trapped for life with many other birds on sloping metal floors in colony cages, without the room to fully spread their wings or fully engage in other natural behaviours such as scratching the dirt or dust bathing.
  • Mother pigs confined and unable to turn around in narrow farrowing crates, so small they can even struggle to lie down. Unable to build a nest for their piglets, their highly developed maternal behaviour is prevented, causing severe frustration.

Most people will never go into a factory farm, so FARM360 gives you the opportunity to see for yourself from the animals’ perspective. We’re using new technology to expose and challenge old-school farming practices; practices which treat animals as if they are inanimate objects, rather than living, feeling individuals.

FARM360 is part of SAFE’s Beyond Factory Farming campaign which is working to end the exploitation of living, sentient animals in conditions that take all that makes life worth living from them.

Animals need our urgent action. Sign and share the petition.


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