SAFE Speakers

Teachers and students using the Animals & Us education resources, or those simply interested in learning more about animal issues, are invited to take advantage of SAFE's group speakers. Speakers can address whatever size group seems appropriate a class, a Year, or simply a group of pupils who are interested in the topic.

SAFE speakers are now available to give talks at your school.


Hans is SAFE's Ambassador and New Zealand's most outspoken animal advocate. He immigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands in 1985 and has spent the majority of the last 25 years campaigning for animals. During this time Hans has been interviewed on virtually every topic pertaining to the rights of animals, incluing factory farming, bloodsports, animal experimentation, the use of animals in entertainment, environmental issues and vegetarianism. He is a leading and compelling voice for animals.

Lynley Tulloch | HAMILTON
BA (Dip. Montessori), MEd (Massey University)

Lynley's research and publication interests have been concerned with issues of the relationship between humans and other animals, environmental and sustainability education, children's connection with nature and critical theory. Lynley was also a Montessori kindergarten teacher before beginning a period lecturing at the University of Waikato. Lynley has always felt an affinity with animals and knowing they are suffering has motivated her to volunteer for SAFE so she can speak out for them. Animals cannot speak in a language that humans can understand easily - but they still speak! Are we trying to listen and learn their language or do we turn the other way? If we tried to listen we could learn so much about the mysteries of life and about ourselves as well - as we are all 'earthlings', of equal worth and importance.




Nichola Kriek | CHRISTCHURCH
BA (Geography, Victoria University) BMus (Music, Victoria University) Dip Teach (Wellington College of Education)

Nichola is SAFE's education officer and co-creator of the popular SAFE Animals & Us education programme. She has worked in the field of animal rights/welfare education since 1994. In that time Nichola has spoken with hundreds of school groups, produced and published Pawprint, a popular children's magazine, and run numerous events for young people: (animal-friendly holiday programmes, beach clean-ups and fundraising). She trained as a secondary school teacher at the Wellington College of Education in 1991.


Dr Tanja Schwalm | CHRISTCHURCH
PhD (University of Canterbury)

Tanja has published on the representation of animals and human-animal relationships in magical realist fiction, and in circuses. Tanja is a vegan and has been a SAFE volunteer since 2002

Jennifer Dutton | AUCKLAND
BBC (New Zealand Broadcasting School)

Jennifer is in the Campaigns team at SAFE, as well as working in Outreach with volunteers. Before animal rights, she has previously worked in journalism on documentary content, in film production for movies and TV commercials and at a humanitarian charity. An accomplished public speaker, Jennifer has debated on the world stage for New Zealand and was named “Best Individual Speaker” at one of these competitions. Coming from a classic Kiwi background with holidays spent on a dairy farm and summers going fishing, Jennifer had a big lifestyle change to become vegan several years ago and never looked back. She started with SAFE as a volunteer, and joined the team a year later.