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A cage-free commitment is a company’s way of letting people know that it does not support the cruel caging of hens. Check out SAFE’s regularly updated Cage-free Directory to find out which businesses in New Zealand are cage-free and which aren’t.


The business currently has a cage-free policy in place

The business uses or sells cage-free whole shell eggs

The business uses cage-free egg ingredients in all of the products it sells

The business will be cage-free by the named date

Supermarkets and retailers

BP 2025

Bin Inn 2020

Commonsense Organics

Countdown North Island 2024

Countdown South Island 2025

Farro Fresh

Four Square 2027

Fresh Choice 2025

Fresh Collective 2027

Gilmours 2027



Night ‘n Day 2025

New World 2027

On the Spot 2027

Pak’nSave 2027

Piko Whole Foods

Raeward Fresh 2027

Shopwrite 2027

Super Value 2027

Trents Wholesale 2027

Restaurants, cafes, takeaways

Bakers Delight NZ

Burger Fuel

Burger King

Cobb & Co

Coffee Club

Denny’s 2024

Esquires Coffee

Habitual Fix

Hell Pizza

Kings Plant Barn Cafés


Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar


Pita Pit

Robert Harris 2020 by 2025

Shakey Isles

Starbucks 2020


The Cheesecake Shop 2022


Hotels & Cruises

Accor Hotels 2028

Best Western 2025

Bolton Hotel

Brook Serene Hotels

Carnival Cruises


Hilton Hotel Group 2025

Intercontinental Hotel Group 2025

Left Bank Hotel

Marriott 2025

Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings ltd 2025

The Rees

Royal Caribbean 2022

Wyndham Destinations 2025

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts 2025

Food Service

Bidfood New Zealand 2024

Compass Group 2025

Feed Me

Food Boxes

Just Cook It

Muscle Fuel

My Food Bag

Primal Kitchen

Real Meal

Service Foods 2025

Sodexo 2025


Manufacture Brands


Best Foods


Cadburys 2025

Cookie time 2023

Delmaine Fine Food 2024

General Mills 2025

Kellogg’s 2025

Leader Products 2021

McCain 2025

Mars 2021

Mondelez 2025

Mrs Mac’s Pies

Nestle 2025

Original Foods Baking Co. 2027

Pepsico 2025

Unilever 2025

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Please note that this list is not exhaustive

Companies Without Cage-Free Commitments (yet)

Cage-free is the future and these businesses are falling behind the times! SAFE has reached out to the companies listed below asking each of them to join the global cage-free movement, unfortunately, our requests have either been rejected or ignored.

= We suspect this company is cage-free but require an official cage-free policy 

Supermarkets and Retailers


Fruit World


Tai Ping Trading


Amora Hotels


Naumi Auckland Airport Hotel

QT Queenstown


Sky City Hotel

Wyndham Hotel Group

Food Service and catering companies

Northern Foods

Spotless NZ

Restaurants, cafes, takeaways

Brumbies Bakeries

Carl’s Junior

Coffee Culture


Gloria Jeans


Donut King

Dunkin Donuts

Hollywood Bakery

Krispy Kreme

Muffin Break



Pizza Hut

St Pierre’s Sushi

Sierra Café

Manufacture Brands

Back Country Foods

Bakels ltd

Barker Fruit Processors

Coupland’s Bakeries

Dad’s Pies

Emerald Food Group

Fonterra Foods

Franklin Foods

Fresh To Go

Goodman Fielder

Hansells Food Group


Just Foods

Kaye’s Bakery

Loaf Limited

Melba’s NZ

Milligans Food Group

Mrs. Higgins

ProLife Foods

Quality Foods Southland

San Remo

Have you spotted a company on our list who shouldn’t be?
Let us know the details and we will follow up with them.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive

Frequently Asked Questions

A cage-free commitment is a company’s way of letting people know that it does not support the cruel caging of hens.
Cage-free commitments often present themselves in one of two ways:

  • A business will pledge that from that day onwards
  • A business will publicly pledge to become cage-free by a specific date in the future.

In an ideal world, everyone and every business would simply turn their backs on any form of animal exploitation. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to happen any time soon. In the meantime, SAFE is working hard to help hens and their chicks across all types of farming systems and getting rid of cages is a vital step in the journey towards a future where all animals are valued as individuals, not commodities.

Cage-free commitments are a fundamental component of SAFE’s ongoing cage-free campaign. Each corporate cage-free commitment gives the egg industry another reason to move away from the cruel caging of hens. While they are not perfect, cage-free commitments are a huge improvement from a company’s previous policy, which is to continue using or selling cruel cage eggs indefinitely.

You can learn more about cage-free commitments and the importance of corporate campaigning here.

A company will either make a commitment to use only cage-free whole-shell eggs or make a 100% cage-free commitment that includes both whole-shell eggs and liquid ingredient eggs. SAFE encourages companies with cage-free commitments for just whole-shell eggs to update their commitments to include a future date where all liquid ingredient eggs used will also be cage-free.

Imagine you have two cafés next door to each other. The first, let’s call it Café Blue, has a cage-free commitment for whole-shell eggs and the second, Café Green, has a cage-free commitment for both whole-shell and liquid ingredient eggs.

Café Blue will only use whole-shell eggs from cage-free hens, meaning any fresh eggs on the menu will be cage-free. This cage-free commitment won’t extend to prepared cabinet food items containing egg ingredients, such as cakes and pastries.

Café Green will use cage-free whole-shell eggs as well as cage-free ingredient eggs. This means that any fresh eggs on the menu will be cage-free, and any egg ingredients found within its cabinet food items will also be from cage-free hens.

It’s common for businesses to commit to going cage-free at a future date. This allows the business some time to work with its supplier and phase out its use of cage eggs over the selected time period.

As much as we would like to see businesses switch to cage-free overnight, change can take time and SAFE encourages businesses to set achievable cage-free goals.

As a customer, you have the right to ask for change. If you discover your local café, restaurant, hotel, petrol station or even your favourite pie brand uses cage eggs, there is plenty you can do to initiate change.

Ask. Next time you have breakfast at a café, dine out for dinner or purchase food from a retailer, ask if the business uses only 100% cage-free eggs. Let them know that you are concerned about the welfare of caged hens and would like to see their business move away from using cage eggs.

Reach out. Contact businesses via social media to ask whether they have a cage-free egg policy. Politely let them know that you want to support businesses which don’t source eggs from the cruel cage egg industry.

Take your business elsewhere. If a company refuses to acknowledge the issue and do the right thing by going cage-free, choose to instead support only cage-free businesses. Money talks and losing customers to cage-free competitors will speak volumes.

Let us know! If the business you are concerned about isn’t already on our no-policy list, let SAFE know! Our team will pass your thoughts on to the business and encourage it to do the right thing for hens and ditch cage eggs. Contact Safe

You can take action for hens right now by choosing hen-friendly egg alternatives. To learn some practical tips on egg substitutes, go to

You can also find out what’s happening overseas here.

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