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Horse Racing

Horses are gentle, social, trusting animals.

Too often, however, they suffer for profit, in industries such as racing and dressage. In New Zealand, around 5,500 thoroughbred and 3,000 standardbred horses are raced annually [1]. Welfare concerns centre around injuries and deaths sustained during training and racing, the use of whips, unnatural gaits and postures within dressage events, and the neglect and slaughter of horses.

Reference: 1. Stafford KJ. (2013). Animal Welfare in New Zealand. Cambridge, New Zealand: New Zealand Society of Animal Production.

Uncover the Facts

Jumps racing

Behind racing’s glamorous image, horses suffer - both on the track and in training, and when they are discarded when no longer profitable.


"Striking a horse with a padded racing whip is at least aversive, and at worst, painful"

Melbourne Cup and other flat races

The distance, speed and weight carried by horses places them under severe strain, and leg fractures and other injuries are commonplace.

Horse Slaughter

Horses no longer able to race fast enough to be profitable face uncertain futures.

Bleeding within the lungs

Exercise-induced pulmonary haemorrhage (EIPH) is bleeding within the lungs.

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