Ask the Minister of Health to prioritise climate-friendly food choices in the dietary guidelines

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The more Kiwis who sit down to enjoy climate-friendly meals, the better the health outcomes not only for our environment but for our population. It is time that New Zealand’s dietary guidelines were updated to reflect the wide-reaching benefits of increasing plant-based meals.


The Ministry for Health has a responsibility to provide Kiwis with up-to-date nutritional guidelines that prioritise the foods that benefit the health of individuals and the climate.


“Fortunately, foods that are health-promoting tend also to be those that are climate friendly. Conversely, certain foods that carry known health risks are particularly climate-polluting. Red and processed meat intake, for instance, is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and certain cancers.”

Dr Alex Macmillan, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health, University of Otago 


Take Action

Ask the Minister of Health to include climate-friendly food choices in the dietary guidelines

Write a polite email to the Minister of Health, Chris Hipkins to inform him you’d like to see healthy and climate-friendly changes be made to New Zealand’s dietary guidelines.


Key points you can make:

  • Animal farming is responsible for the majority of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. Prioritising whole plant foods in our dietary guidelines is prioritising the foods that are less climate-polluting.
  • Every 90 minutes, a Kiwi dies from heart disease. Our country has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world and diabetes affects hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.
  • Plants are rich in fibre, they contain little to no dietary cholesterol and have minimal saturated fats, so encouraging Kiwis to eat nutrient-dense foods would confer health gains and health care system cost savings.
  • Updating our dietary guidelines to prioritise whole plant-based foods is an opportunity for New Zealand to take effective action to mitigate climate change and improve the health of our population.
  • It is the responsibility of the Ministry for Health to provide New Zealanders with up-to-date nutritional information that highlights which foods will benefit their health.


This email will be sent directly to the Minister of Health, Chris Hipkins. Emails are public information, if you would like to withhold any of your information please write so in your email.

Request climate-friendly food choices in the dietary guidelines

Ask the Minister of Health to include climate-friendly food choices in the dietary guidelines
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