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Cruelty-Free Products

You will be pleased to know there are hundreds of products available in New Zealand that have not been tested on animals. Even better, they are probably already available at the places you usually shop – your local supermarket, pharmacy, department store and online!

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The SAFEshopper app

We’ve made it easy for you to shop kinder for animals. Discover which companies do not conduct animal testing on cosmetics or household products.

More about SAFEShopper

All companies listed in the SAFEShopper app do not conduct animal testing of any cosmetics or household products or ingredients, nor do they sell their products in countries which require animal testing by law. Listed companies have completed a questionnaire and signed a legally binding statement. All companies listed sell at least one vegan product.

What do the labels mean?

Vegan: The entire product range is animal free.
Some vegan: Some products are suitable for vegans. Check the label or ask the company.
NZ made: Products are sourced and made in New Zealand.
Parent company may test: The parent company may test other products or brands it produces on animals.

Why is SAFEshopper important?

In March 2015, we achieved our goal of achieving a ban on cosmetic testing on animals. However, the ban only applies to those products manufactured within New Zealand, not those which are imported.

Does your company offer cruelty-free, vegan products?

Complete this application form and submit it along with your details, below.

Register your cruelty-free company

Add your company to the cruelty-free vegan businesses listed in the SAFEShoopper App.
Eat with kindness

Try the Plant-Based Challenge

Eating a plant-based diet is the most important thing you can do to help animals. It's a simple switch, but it makes a big difference. You'll feel great knowing that you are putting your values into action. Challenge yourself to give it a try. We bet you’ll find it tastier and easier than you ever imagined!

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