Resources: Animal Rights, Human Values, Social Action

Non-fiction Book Extracts

Knowing Animals. "Farming Images".
Armstrong, Philip
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The Descent of Man. 
Darwin, Charles
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The Animals Reader. 
Eds. Kalof, Linda and Fitzgerald, Amy andThe Philosophical Writings of Descartes, Eds. Cottingham, J. Kenny, A. Murdoch D. and Stoothoff R.
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Animal Rights, Political and Social Change in Britain Since 1800.
Kean, Hilda.
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The Old Brown Dog. 
Lansbury, Carol
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Compassionate Beasts. 
Munro, Lyle
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Eternal Treblinka. 
Patterson, Charles
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Animal Revolution. Changing Attitudes Towards Speciesism.
Ryder, Richard
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Animals and Human Society. "Pets and the Development of Positive Attitudes to Animals"
Eds. Manning, Aubrey and Serpell, James.
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Animal Liberation. 
Singer, Peter.
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Ethics into Action.
Henry Spira and the Animal Rights Movement. Singer, Peter.
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Animal Rights: The Changing Debate. "The Challenges of the Animal Advocacy Movement".
Stallwood, Kim
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Man and the Natural World. 
Thomas, Keith.
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The Extended Circle: A Dictionary of Humane Thought."Brigid Brophy".
Wynne-Tyson, Jon.
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Fiction Book Extracts

The Jungle. 
Sinclair, Upton.
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Clean, Green and Cruelty Free. 
Amey, Catherine.
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Cruelty-Free Consumption in New Zealand, Potts, Annie and White, Mandala.
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Magazine Articles

The Animals'Agenda. "A Conversation with Peter Singer".
Stallwood, Kim.
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The Animals' Voice Magazine. "Beasts of Burden, Tiers of Tyranny".
Ryder, Richard.
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SAFE Magazine. "Thinking About Animals".
Lyons, Keith.
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SAFE Magazine. "SAFE Profiles".
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SAFE Magazine. "SAFE Editorial".
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SAFE Magazine. "SAFE in Action!"
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Newspaper Articles

Weekend Herald. "Animal Fight Not Chicken Feed".
McAllister, Jane.
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New York Times. "The Kill Floor".
Leduff, Charlie.
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Weekend Herald. "A Tiger in the Court".
Masters, Catherine.
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King Kong Day. Bizarro.
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Protestor for Hire. Nesbit, Al.
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Animal Protesters. Bizarro.
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Advertising and Campaigns Materials

Range of SAFE advertisements.
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Anti-fur and anti-leather posters.
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Packed with Cruelty Campaign.
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Love Pigs Campaign.
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Animals and Us Leaflet.
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Caring Consumer Guide.
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Slogans on stickers, badges and T-shirts.
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