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Non-Fiction Book Extracts

"Shamu at Sea World". Cruising the Performative. 
Jane Desmond and Philip Brett. 
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"Paul Spong and Skana". Kararehe: Animals in New Zealand Art, Story and Everyday Life. 
Annie Potts, Philip Armstrong and Deidre Brown.
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Joe Roman.
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Magazine Articles

"The Future of Zoos". 
North & South. Mike White. 
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Newspaper Articles

"Dolphins - the Flipside of Fu". 
Sunday Star-Times. Claire Guyan. 
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"The Dolphin Dilemma". and and "The Sick Culture of Captivity". 
Herald on Sunday. Jane Phare.
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"'End of an Era' as Last Dolphin Dies". 
The Dominion Post. Greer McDonald.
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The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity. 
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"Cetaceans in Captivity" SAFE Campaign Report
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"Of course you know I'd rather eat your kid than entertain him, right?" Dan Piraro. 
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Born Free - let them swim free. SAFE. 
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Electronic Texts

The Cove. Oceanic Preservation Society.
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"Last Dolphin Dies at Marineland". SAFE Supporter Bulletin #56. National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee.
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