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Non-Fiction Book Extracts

"Rodeo Horses: The Wild and the Tame". Signifying Animals: Human Meaning in the Natural World. Elizabeth A. Lawrence. 
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No-One's Ark: Exotic Animal Acts in the Circus. 
Tanja Schwalm.
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Magazine Articles

"Rodeo: American Tragedy or Legalized Cruelty?" The Animals' Agenda. Eric Mills. 
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"Circus Campaign". SAFE Magazine. 
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"Monkeys Leave Circus". SAFE Magazine. 
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"Rodeo Cruelty: Nelson". SAFE Magazine. 
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Circuses Have Their Sad Side. SAFE. 
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"That's interesting. I've always dreamed of running away and joining the jungle". Dan Piraro. 
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'From Wild Beasts to Circus Slaves'. SAFE. 
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Abused for Entertainment. SAFE. 
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Slaves for Entertainment. SAFE. 
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Electronic Texts

"Breaking animals - literally!" Buck the Rodeo. Peta. 
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Rodeo Abuse. SAFE.
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"Exposing the life of the 'mean' rodeo horse". SAFE.
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