Resources: Battery Hen Farming in New Zealand

Non-Fiction Book Extracts

Animal Liberation. 
Singer, Peter
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The Pig Who Sang to the Moon. 
Masson, Jeffrey 
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Fiction Play Extract

Chook Chook. 
Farrell, Fiona
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Song of the Battery Hen. 
Brock, Edwin
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Magazine Articles

Cruel Codes.
SAFE Magazine.
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Hen Batteries - Havens or Hells?
Science Monthly.
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Life in a Cage.
Science Says Chooks Should Run Free.
Organic NZ.
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Media Release

"Minister challenged over abusive battery hen and pig codes"
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Newspaper Article

Dominion Post."Small Victory for Battery Hens"
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Animal Welfare Act 1999
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Code of Welfare 2005
Animal Welfare (Layer Hens)
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Code of Welfare 2002
SAFE Submission on Draft 10 of the Animal Welfare (Layer Hen)
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Are you sure this is free range?
Nisbet, Al
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Beyond the Egg.
Holy Cow no. 2. SAFE
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Advertising and Campaign Materials

"The Egg Beater"
SAFE Advert.
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"Egg Carton"
SAFE Advert.
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"Don't be fed cruelty"
SAFE Advert.
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"Battery Hen Cruelty"
SAFE Advert.
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"Freedom for Hens"
SAFE campaign pack.
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"No Chick Deserves to Suffer"
SAFE Billboard.
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"Stop Cruel Battery Hen Farming"
SAFE Petition.
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