Sow stalls: the beginning of the end

In 2009, SAFE exposed the horrific conditions of the pig industry, particularly of sow stalls.

Uncovering the truth

Open Rescue carried out an investigation of the pig industry, revealing factory farming practices like sow stalls and fattening pens. At the time, many people simply did not know about the cruel practices used in pig farming.

The real cost of pork

The investigation showed a shed housing 50 to 60 large pregnant sows. "The investigation uncovered a dead female pig inside a sow stall; lame, crippled, depressed, highly distressed pigs; bar biting; scars and injuries; pigs frothing at the mouth; and a lack of clean drinking water and food. The noise was deafening and the smell overpowering.

The Sunday  effect

The footage of pigs in a factory farm screened on national current affairs show Sunday in May 2009. Combined with intensive campaigning by SAFE, the result was a huge public outcry, which eventually led to a government decision to phase out sow crates by December 2015. The consequences of SAFE's campaign continue today, as more New Zealanders discover the reality of factory farming in this country.


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"If Pigs Could Talk" Sunday Exposé, 1/3

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"If Pigs Could Talk" Sunday Exposé, 2/3

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"If Pigs Could Talk" Sunday Exposé, 3/3