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Stand up for pigs

Help pigs now by urging the Government to ban farrowing crates. It’s time to get rid of this unnecessary cruelty in New Zealand.

Tell your MP why YOU want a ban on farrowing crates.

A farrowing crate is a small metal cage designed to confine a mother pig (sow) just before she gives birth and while she raises her babies. This is extremely stressful for the sow. The crate is so small she can’t even turn around for weeks on end and is unable to nurture her babies. For up to five weeks, she can only stand up and lie down.

We want the Government to take action to ban farrowing crates because they are the epitome of cruelty. Every email an MP receives is another voice in Parliament representing the pigs.

Please send an urgent message to your local MP letting them know why you want to see an end to the cruel practice of confining mother pigs.

In New Zealand by law, animals have the right to ensure that their physical, health and behavioural needs are met. This simply isn’t happening on many New Zealand farms. The Ministry for Primary Industries and the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee have acknowledged that farrowing crates don’t meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act. 

Overwhelmingly New Zealanders are shocked by the conditions in which mother pigs are housed. 112,844 people signed SAFE’s petition to ban farrowing crates, the largest petition received by Parliament in five years. And Horizon Research found that 73% of New Zealanders support a ban on farrowing crates.

Sweden, Norway and Switzerland all have bans on farrowing crates. There are many effective alternatives available for farmers to use and already nearly half of New Zealand pig farmers don’t use farrowing crates.

See it from the inside

WATCH: The life of a pig in a farrowing crate

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Join thousands of caring people to help mother pigs out of cruel farrowing crates - for good.

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