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Right now, vulnerable animals are being forced to swim for their lives behind closed doors at New Zealand universities. Your gift today will help SAFE and NZAVS demand a ban on the cruel Forced Swim Test.


Around the world, the Forced Swim Test is regarded as archaic and unscientific. Yet, in 2019 this cruel experiment is still being used at New Zealand universities, putting both animals and humans at risk.

The Forced Swim Test was developed more than sixty years ago as a misguided attempt to mimic human depression in order to trial treatments.

It was thought that the more time an animal spends struggling in water versus ‘giving up’ and floating in the beaker, the less depressed that animal was. However, evidence shows that floating is a learned, adaptive behaviour to save energy in order to survive – not a state of depression.

SAFE is collaborating with the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) to bring an end to this outdated animal test, but we need your help.


Your gift will go directly to SAFE & NZAVS’ campaign to put pressure on NZ universities and the Government to ban this barbaric, pointless test.

It is time that New Zealand joined the global shift away from this cruel experiment to create a kinder, more progressive future for the animals.

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