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Deciding to leave chicken off your plate is one of the most impactful ways to make a difference for millions of animals in Aotearoa. But don’t think you’ll be missing out on delicious food and plenty of flavour! We’ll share some tasty ways to enjoy kinder options

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Why be chicken-free?

Chickens are inquisitive animals who love to scratch in the undergrowth, graze on fresh grass and stretch out their wings to bask in the sun.
But the sad reality for over 120 million chickens raised for meat in New Zealand each year is that because they are bred to grow explosively fast, they suffer severe health problems. The majority live their entire lives crowded into large, windowless sheds.
Thankfully many Kiwis are choosing to create change for chickens in Aotearoa by swapping to kinder options at mealtimes.

Check out these chicken-friendly recipes

Satay sunfed ‘chicken’ bowl
Seitan Fried ‘Chicken’
Pad Thai
Eggplant, Lentil and Tomato Curry
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