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Tell the Ministry for Primary Industries that caring people, like you, want to see an end to all live export

Together, we have an opportunity to close the door on the cruel live export trade – for good. The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is currently reviewing the live export of cows, sheep, goats and deer. MPI is considering four options that range from a tightening of legislation to a total ban.

Cows selected for live export are usually taken from green pastures in New Zealand. They are sometimes shipped pregnant, confined to small pens. They travel across the Pacific Ocean, where they can be thrown about in rough seas. Once the journey is over, they may be taken to concrete factory farms to give birth, where they are then kept for years to be milked.

In New Zealand, our law states that animals are sentient. Because animals feel emotions like pain and joy, we have standards for how they should be treated. When we export animals to countries with lower animal welfare standards, we are putting them at risk and undermining our laws. All animals exported alive are eventually slaughtered. This is usually by means deemed too cruel to be legal in New Zealand.

In this review, MPI is ignoring the millions of day-old chicks exported alive every year. Before they even hatch, they are selected for bleak, uncertain futures. The day-old chicks are taken to farms that cram the birds into small cages that would be illegal in New Zealand.

We need to protect all animals

In 2003, we achieved a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter. However, loopholes in the law mean that millions of our animals are still being sent overseas alive. It is time to close the loopholes and end live export for good.

Tell the Government to ban all live export

Send a submission to MPI asking for a total ban on the live export of all farmed animals.

You can either write your own answers to the questions or copy our ones below. The best submissions are the ones from people who take the time to write in their own words, from the heart. You don’t have to be an expert, just share your thoughts and together we can do this!

This submission will be sent directly to the Ministry for Primary Industries. Submissions are public information, if you would like MPI to withhold any of your information please write so in your submission.

  • Suggested response: When animals leave our shores, we lose the ability to ensure their welfare is protected. In New Zealand, we recognise all animals are sentient and have laws and regulations for how they ought to be treated. When people break the law, they can be fined or prosecuted. Sending our animals offshore allows these rules to be undermined, with no mechanisms for protecting the animals once they arrive in the destination country. This is a big risk to our animals’ welfare and undermines several core principles of our Animal Welfare Act 1999. When things do go wrong, as happened in Sri Lanka, New Zealand’s reputation is at risk.
  • Suggested response: The only way to ensure animal welfare standards are met and New Zealand’s reputation isn’t at risk is to go with Option one. A total ban on the live export of cows, sheep, goats and deer would ensure that these animals’ welfare is protected under New Zealand’s laws. A conditional ban leaves the door open for our animals’ welfare and our reputation being compromised again in the future.
  • Suggested response: MPI’s review is a great start at addressing the inherent risks associated with live animal exports. The vast majority of New Zealand’s live animal exports go to countries with lower animal welfare, slaughter and transport standards than New Zealand. This Government needs to go on to ban all live export of farmed animals, especially our biggest exports, day-old chicks and live fish. We should help developing nations thrive by sharing with them knowledge and technologies for plant-based industries that don’t put our animals at risk. This will have benefits for the environment too, helping these countries keep their greenhouse gas emissions at a low level.
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